Scott T Ferry

Scott T Ferry

Author of the Ascension Saga

Scott Ferry was born to working class parents, Trevor and Pamela at Barming maternity hospital in Maidstone in 1966. He grew up on council estates, mostly Foster Clarke Estate.

He was educated at comprehensive schools until passing his 13+ exams and finishing his schooling at Maidstone Grammar School for Boys where he was a classmate of Daniel Abnett. He left home at 18 to move to London and worked in a variety of industries including Graphic Supplies and Print.

He has little left in the way of family but retains the same group of close personal friends, who have been a great source of support and encouragement.

He has always retained a great love for quality fantasy fiction and made the decision to write his own story. It has been a long process but finally the first in a series of books has finally been published.

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Scott T Ferry

Cerwin's Orphans by Author Scott T. Ferry